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Southend Community Council, Argyll

Community Council


The purpose of the Southend Community Council is to ascertain, co-ordinate and express the wider views of the entire community within its agreed boundaries. We represent the community to the local authority and facilitate a wide range of activities which promote the well-being of the community.

It is a voluntary body that exists within a statutory framework and has been granted statutory rights of consultation by Argyll and Bute Council.


Community Council Meetings are generally held on the last Wednesday of the month (except July and December) in Dunavety Hall meeting room. All are welcome. You'll see the meetings listed in the Events page.

Next meeting: Wednesday 29th May 2024 at 8 p.m. in Dunaverty Hall.


Councillors Position
John BakesChairperson
Margaret BakesSecretary
Elizabeth BarbourTreasurer
Pat HealeyMember
Jimmy UmpherstonMember
Chris CoxMember
June McIntyreMember
Lorna Bell

Community Council Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
SCC Minutes March 2024.pdf25 April 202474kB
SCC Minutes February 20242.pdf28 March 202473kB
SCC Minutes April 2024.pdf30 May 202466kB
202401 SCC Minutes Jan 2024.pdf05 March 202478kB
202311 SCC Minutes Nov 2023.pdf30 November 202380kB
202310 SCC Minutes Oct 2023.pdf07 February 202472kB
202309 SCC Minutes Sep 2023.pdf07 February 202476kB
202308 SCC Minutes Aug 2023.pdf07 February 202459kB
202305 SCC Minutes May 2023.pdf07 February 202467kB
202304 SCC Minutes Apr 2023.pdf07 February 202474kB
202303 SCC Minutes Mar 2023.pdf07 February 202470kB
202302 SCC Minutes Feb 2023.pdf07 February 202469kB
202301 SCC Minutes Jan 2023.pdf07 February 202461kB
202211 SCC Minutes Nov 2022.pdf07 February 202466kB
202210 SCC Minutes Oct 2022.pdf07 February 2024284kB
202209 SCC Minutes Sep 2022.pdf07 February 2024202kB
202208 SCC Minutes Aug 2022.pdf07 February 2024203kB
202206 SCC Minutes Jun 2022.pdf07 February 2024208kB
202205 SCC Minutes May 2022.pdf07 February 2024220kB
202204 SCC Minutes Apr 2022.pdf07 February 202495kB
202202 SCC Minutes Feb 2022.pdf07 February 2024202kB
202201 SCC Minutes Jan 2022.pdf07 February 2024201kB
202111 SCC Minutes Nov 2021.pdf07 February 2024201kB
202110 SCC Minutes Oct 2021.pdf07 February 2024224kB
202109 SCC Minutes Sep 2021.pdf07 February 2024201kB
202002 SCC Minutes Feb 2020.pdf07 February 2024214kB
202001 SCC Minutes Jan 2020.pdf07 February 2024218kB
201911 SCC Minutes Nov 2019.pdf07 February 2024226kB
201910 SCC Minutes Oct 2019.pdf07 February 2024207kB
201909 SCC Minutes Sep 2019.pdf07 February 2024202kB
201908 SCC Minutes Aug 2019.pdf07 February 2024208kB
201906 SCC Minutes Jun 2019.pdf07 February 2024203kB
201905 SCC Minutes May 2019.pdf07 February 2024208kB
201904 SCC Minutes Apr 2019.pdf07 February 2024209kB
201903 SCC Minutes Mar 2019.pdf07 February 2024208kB
201902 SCC Minutes Feb 2019.pdf07 February 2024210kB
201901 SCC Minutes Jan 2019.pdf07 February 2024210kB