Alan Reid MP and Councillor Rory Colville at site meeting with local residents.


The Road!

As many will be aware, The B842 Southend- Campbeltown Road is in danger of being closed owing to land slippage. This appears to have been triggered by the dumping of material removed from the verges during recent clearance operations, which has blocked drainage under the road and re-activated an old slippage site. Argyll and Bute council have now been presented with a report into the situation, with a favoured option to fix the situation (consisting of remedial drainage work, plus cutting into the hillside to lay a new road lane beside the present road, returning us to 2 lane operation. This proposal will be voted on at the Council Executive meeting on the 18th of February. Southend Community Council broadly agrees with this proposal BUT the problem is that there is no clear timescale for the work to be carried out. So we will have to keep up pressure to ensure we do not end up cut off - at a recent site meeting Alan Reid MP has agreed to support our case for prompt action.


Click here to download short council report into slippage


Click here for more detailed briefing (warning - big pdf file)


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